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The Lord of the Flies World of American Writers: Plagiarism, Backstabbing, and Reverse Racism

San Lorenzo Acopilco In 2015, a writer named Dawn Dorland donated a kidney to an anonymous donor. She should have received accolades. Instead, another writer named Sonya Larson wrote a short story about it, titled The Kindest. Not a story depicting Dorland as … Continue reading

Kamala Harris’ Amma, an Unlikely Soulmate Until recently, American elections used to evoke in me, not angst, but wonder.  When Bill Clinton ran for president, I watched The Man from Hope, a documentary about his life, over and over again, feeling inspired by the story of … Continue reading

Are We Past Peak TV?

     It is said that we are currently living in the era of ‘Peak TV.’  ‘Peak TV’ as in ‘peak oil’, a concept developed in the 1950’s by industry experts who predicted that the production of petroleum would peak … Continue reading

The Woman in the Window: Publishing Industry’s Moral Bankruptcy

     My faith in the publishing industry began to erode the day I read Gone Girl, a book hyped as the thriller of the century, not to mention a feminist manifesto.  With its violent, sadistic, and unbelievable narrator, was … Continue reading